About us

Light, an essential source in your processes.

Years of experience preceeded founding Aruna Lighting. We develop and provide unique solutions for unique applications. We have developed our lighting solutions in close co-operation with our customers and supported by our specialists, each in their own specific applications area. These solutions offer smart advantages during use by the customer, and at the same time are sound, durable and follow the principles of minimal "Total Cost of Ownership".

Engineering and development under our own roof.

We use our own technical laboratory for light measurements and the release of products. In this lab, our technical specialists realize their ideas and solutions. Innovations are tested extensively and are discussed with our cusomers.

Production under supervision

Our team in Asia oversees the complete chain of suppliers and realize an optimal execution of production. This is how we enable smart co-operations in the region, and through that, knowledge and capabilities of partners throughout the chain contribute to our innovations and reliable delivery.

The name Aruna is derived from Sanskrit (wikipedia) and refers to the 'rising sun'.

Aruna: "the rising sun" (translated from Sanskrit)