Improved production

Innovative solutions for healthy production. 

World population is growing rapidly. Estimates are that there wille be 9 bilion people on earth by 2050. Consumption of fish and molluscs will grow equally, while at the same time, our oceans will need more protection against overfishing. Aquaculture can support a sustainable way of providing healthy food. With the aid of various techniques, aquaculture becomes more durable, efficient and they reduce energy consumption.

Growth of fish and molluscs in aquaculture can be improved with lighting. LED lighting that has the right mix of colors improves and accelerates the natural growth of organisms and food present in the water.

Since 2012, we provide LED systems that are specifically developed for aquaculture.

Besides solutions for aquaculture, we offer various lighting solutions for your office, storage rooms and production areas. Discover Aruna Lighting!